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Krista MacKinnon is the founder of Families Healing Together, an online support community that connects families around the world for the shared purpose of broadening perspectives on mental health and emotional distress. The Recovering Our Families online class has been running for 5 years and has had nearly 1000 participants spread across 5 continents. Krista’s work in mental health began in her formative years when she was diagnosed with Bipolar 1. She ultimately did not accept the story or drugs that the system prescribed and found other ways to healing and personal growth. After graduating from a social service work program,  she began working in the psychiatric survivor movement creating the kind of family education and support she wished herfamily had received. She has been creating and running recovery oriented family-based psychosocial educational curriculum and groups for the past 14 years. In 2016 the University of Northern Colorado published research on the effectiveness of the Recovering Our Families online course and found that participants reported statistically significant gains in “hopefulness towards recovery” and “capacity to support their family member.”  She is a mom of three boys, a lifelong practitioner of yoga, a strong believer in the power of breath work, and a student of love. She lives with a deep humility and appreciation for the complexity of the human mind and heart.

10/1/17 - Tools for Family Mental Health Recovery
Krista Mackinnon
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