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Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at Columbia University's
Mailman School of Public Health in New York City

Dr. Yang does research in psychiatric epidemiology. He is particularly
interested in the stigma of psychosis and HIV/AIDS  and his research
has focused on the cultural context of these diseases in Chinese and
African communities. Dr. Yang has also done research into the clinical
high risk state for psychosis which is an attempt to recognize people
who are at risk for developing psychosis and provide an intervention
that can stop the process. Dr. Yang is also currently involved in a
research study looking at the barriers and facilitators of psychosis
treatment in three Latin American countries.

Dr. Yang has his PhD from Boston University and has done a clinical
fellowship at Harvard Medical School's Massachusetts Mental Health
Center. He is the author of multiple research papers and

5/5/17 -   Culture and How it Shapes and Protects Against Stigma: Insights from Chinese Immigrants with Experiences of
Lawrence Yang, PhD
More on Lawrence Yang and His Interview

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